About us

The history of our company dates back to 1925. The original company produced technical and household ceramics, dishes as well as all different kinds of kitchen accessories. After the nationalization, the production of aluminum kitchenware began here, and, among other things, the production of the world famous dining set “ešus” started.

As its only producer in Czechoslovakia, the company produced these dishes mainly for the armed forces of the state. Ešus is still produced here, both in the aluminum version for the lovers of traditions and modern stainless steel.

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Also, similar camping sets are being made of titanium for demanding customers from the ranks of professional athletes or special troops.

For more comfortable cooking, kits with non-stick surfaces are also produced. In 1993, the company went through a privatization and the top management, including key technical and project staff, has not changed since. The main production program is still focused on camping utensils, where in addition to sets, bowls, plates or mugs from various materials, we also produce cookers, self-cookers and all kitchen utensils possible.

For instance, dairy are popular especially among German costumers. We have recently also started to produce molds for cakes or food carriers with thermo-packaging comply which meet demanding hygienic standards for maintaining food temperature for various social services.

We are thrilled to say that our company has collaborated with world humanitarian organizations (ICFR, ICRC, UNICEF, UNHCR, US Aid, CARE, UN WFP, Swiss Red Cross, Cruz Roja Espanola, UK Red Gross), where after meeting very demanding standards supplied kitchen utensils such as in case of war conflict in the former state of Yugoslavia or disaster such as last migration crisis.

Among our most respectable business partners there is the world’s largest sport company called Decathlon. When working with this organization, we are obliged to adhere to their technical and technological standards that are stricter than the EU standards and also to subject our products to annual social audits. Our products meet all hygiene standards for food contact, are made from carefully selected materials from long-term proven suppliers, tested and certified by the state testing institute. 80% of production is exported.


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