NEWS 2021

8.12.2020 |

NEWS 2021

We have fantastic items in our stock. NEWS 2021.

Bowl and set from limited editions WOOD & STONE are unique and timeless. Design symbolises our connection to nature. Both products are handmade. We are appropriatelly proud of our handmade products.

Our new sets

Dining sets are based on the proven and popular ALPAMAYO product. They are made with love and from food grade aluminum. At the same time they are provided with a thin layer of Teflon. Nothing burns on them and they are easily washed. Take a look at the kits in our e-shop.

Our new bowls

These bowls are also based on the ALPAMAYO concept. Like their sisters, they are coated with a thin layer of Teflon and are made of food grade aluminum. Thanks to this new design, they are resistant to abrasions and scratches. You can clean it very easily. See the dishes in our e-shop.

Why are our new designs so stunning?

  • they heat up quickly and can hold heat
  • have a high degree of non-stickiness
  • they are exceptionally resistant to abrasions, scratches and wear
  • they are highly resistant to sugars or the harmful effects of fats
  • they are easy to wash both in the dishwasher and with a dish sponge
  • they are a great travel partner